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Sky Express

SKY express has been operating as a domestic airline since 2005. From the day of its founding, the company has showcased a steadily upward course, which makes it the fastest-growing airline in Greece, as well as one of the fastest-growing carriers in Europe


Its mainly owned fleet 10 ATR 42 , ATR 72 , 6 Airbus A320neo covers 34 destinations throughout Greece  as 5 international destinations (Larnaca, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Nantes), effective February 2021

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The company has brokered interline agreements with worldwide carriers such as KLM, Air France, Qatar Airways, Middle East Airlines, and Cyprus Airways. The connectivity it provides conduces to extending the tourism season to year-around, contributing that way to the extroversion of the Greek economy.

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Web Check in open 48 Before the flight

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